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"Dusty" The Four-Legged Dust Mop

Dusty the Four-Legged Dustmop

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Dusty the Dachshund

Meet Dusty the four-legged dust mop!


Dusty is more than just a cute avatar swinging his tail in the fight for cleaner bathrooms and floors. He is a symbol of the Land-Tek customer promise. Dusty reminds all the people here at Land-Tek of the importance of relationships.

Land-Tek's responsibilities are to you, our customers. We are here to provide you with a service, and we'll work like dogs to find the right products for your company. Dusty is also a symbol of loyalty....both the loyalty that we have for our customers, and the loyalty that they develop for us.

Like everyone here at Land-Tek, Dusty is well trained and knows what has to be done to obtain, and retain, happy customers.