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Air Sanitizers and Odor Control

31004 Lemon peel air freshener, each
31005 Bayberry scented air freshener, each
31006 Holiday potpourri scented air freshner,each
31007 Snappy apple, aerosole freshener, each
31260 Hospital type disinfectant spray, aerosol, each
31261 Citrus disinfectant spray, aerosol, each
32019 Tek brand "Cherry Mist", concentrated malodor, gallon
32021 Tek Brand "Floral", concentrated malodor, gallon

Tek Brand "Mint", concentrated malodor, gallon
*32019, 32021, 32022 all available 55-gallon drum

32023 Spray-N-Gel, quart size gel uniquely on shaking container turns to liquid then upon contact turns back to a gel, thereby dispensing pleasant air freshener for longer period of time. each
32440 Pulse dispenser, LCD, wall mount, for metered aerosol scents
32442 Pulse analog wall mount programmable odor dispensing devise, holds
32443 Metered aerosol can for #32442, 3000 measured sprays per can, each, mango, country garden, clean fresh, voodooberry, seamist, greenapple, vanilla, caramel, forbidden fruit, citrus
32472 Metered aerosol fragrances for #32440, linen fresh, orchard fields, country garden, ocean breeze, vanilla royale, cinnamaon spice
32500 Wizard automatic wall mount toilet and urinal deodorizer with dispensing tubing, each
32505 Wizard Country Garden cartridge for automated system for drip into urinal and toilet, each
36921 APM #12 air freshener concentrate, 1-liter
36922 AMP #12 air freshener concentrate, 2-liter
39059 Tek "BACT-T" bio odor digester, gallon
39060 Tek "BACT-T" bio odor digester, 5-gallon pail
39089 Tek Carpet Fresh, 1lb shaker container, no talcum powder, fresh lemon scented rug deodorizer
59605 Fresh flush toilet blocks, with plastic hanger, long lasting floral scented, each
59606 Non para plastic hanging toilet bowl block, each
59609 Non para urinal block
59610 Scented urinal block, drop on urinal screens for long lasting odor control in urinals, one dozen
59615 Disposable toilet mat
59616 Disposable urinal mat
59617 Urinal screen with block

Wave 2.0 Urinal Screens (cucumber-melon) (10/box)

59620 Scented Urinal Screen
59621 Dissolving Urinal Screen (mint, mango, or spiced apple)