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Paper Products

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00030 Kleenex brand facial tissue, 48 boxes, 125/box per case.
00031 Everest facial tissue, 30 boxes, 100/box per case.
Good quality economy brand.
00032 Horizon facial, 36/125/cs quality economy brand.
00043 Baywest dblsoft, 30/100, high quality economy brand soft.
00045 Econo facial tissue 30/100/cs, good-quality economy brand
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01030 #4 Sanitary napkins, same product as above but box is half size, 250/cs, most popular
01040 Tampons, 500 individually packed/case, also for vending machine use
01050 Wax sanitary bags, 500/cs used for disposal of sanitary napkins, fits in part # 01510
01510 A plastic wall mounted sanitary napkin disposal unit that holds part #01050 and is usually mounted on the inside of the stall door in a ladies room. Pull out bottom so disposal is very sanitary.
misc. We sell coin operated vending machines for both sanitary napkin and tampon dispensing.
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02020 1-ply toilet tissue, 96 rolls per case, 1000 sheets per roll, good quality.
02029 Scott JRT "coreless" 1ply.
02030 Scott JRT "coreless" 2ply.
02031 9" Roll 1ply toilet tissue 12/2m/cs.
02032 9" Roll 2ply toilet tissue 12/1m/cs.
02033 12" 2ply toilet tissue 6/2m/cs.
02034 Special product called Valay toilet tissue, 24 rolls, 2500', 1ply.
02036 2-ply toilet tissue, 48 rolls per case, 500 sheets per roll, 2ply polypak decor
02037 2 ply Toilet tissue 550 sheets roll/80 rolls/cs.
02038 Scott premium 2ply 500 sheet toilet tissue, 96 rolls per case.
02039 2 ply toilet tissue, 96 rolls per case, 500 sheets per roll, good quality.
02045 #027 JR, 2ply, 48 roll, 750' roll per case, "Never Out".
02046 #020 JR, 1ply, 48 roll, 1.5M roll per case, "Never Out"
02047 #029 JR, 2ply, 48 roll, 750' roll per case, "Never Out".
02050 Bay West #123 1 ply tt. 48/rl/cs special dispenser needed
02051 Bay West #616 2-ply tt 48/rl/cs see info on 02050.
02510 Single toilet tissue dispenser, most inexpensive, non-locking, metal bar.
02520 Same as above but double roll dispenser.
02522 Coreless smoke dbl toilet tissue dispenser.
02523 Coreless white dbl toilet tissue dispenser.
02544 Hold three standard rolls of either 1ply or 2ply tt. Very popular because useful in high traffic areas. We also carry replacement covers for this item, part #02545
09910 Toilet seat covers, 5m/cs.
09925 Toilet seat cover dispenser for part # 09910
09926 Toilet seat covers, 1/2 fold tissue, 2500/cs.
09927 Toilet seat cover dispenser for part # 09926.
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03018 Same quality as part # 03020 but only 15 rolls per case. Poly wrap case.
03019 Coronet kitchen roll towel, white, 30 rolls poly wrapped per case, our second best.
03020 Standard 2ply, white, 30 poly wrapped rolls per case. Most popular type.
PGC40725 Bounty brand 30 rolls/60 sheets/roll/case.
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04015 Brown roll 6/800'/cs.
04016 Brown roll 12/425' roll/cs.
04017 Brown roll 12/800'/cs.
04019 Scott 12/1000' white roll towel.
04020 White roll towel, 12/350’/case.
04023 White roll towel, 12/600'/case, good quality.
04024 White roll towel, "Kleenex" brand 12/600'/roll/case.
04025 Bay west #316 towel, 6/630’, special core, designed only for Bay West dispenser.
04026 Cub towel, Bay West, special, #252
04027 Bay west #313 towel, special, brown 6 rolls/800' roll/cs.
04029 James River 197X brown towel, 12/450’/cs special core.
04030 Brown roll towel, 12 rolls of 8"wide by 425’ long/case. Our best-selling roll towel.
04032 Brown roll towel, 12 rolls of 8"wide by 600’ long/case.
04033 Brown roll towel, 12 rolls of 8" wide by 625' long/case.
04035 Center-pull white premium towel, 6 rolls/cs 560/roll - G.P softpull.
04038 Center-pull white, 6/650'/cs, economy brand
04039 Center-pull white premium towel, 6/320'/roll - G.P softpull.
04040 Center-pull dispenser for #04039.
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04036 Pull thru towel dispenser for Part #04035 center-pull.
04510 Standard roll towel dispenser, lever action, takes up to a 600’ roll.
04511 Deluxe roll towel dispenser, take 600’ roll, made by San Jamar.
04513 White touchless dispenser.
04514 Smoke touchless dispenser.
04515 Smoke lever dispenser.
04516 White lever dispenser.
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05019 Best grade, white, c-fold, 2400/case.
05020 Regular grade c-fold, 2400/cs, white
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05021 Big fold white multi-fold, 2208/cs, larger size than normal mutli-fold.
06020 white multi-fold, 4000/cs, good quality, next most popular.
06021 Best grade white multi-fold, 4000/cs.
06023 Scott m-fold, white, 3500/cs.
06025 Brown muti-fold, 4000/cs, economy type, most popular.
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06509 Smoked plastic wall mount, takes either c-fold or multi-fold towels.
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07010 White, 2 ply single fold, 3750/cs, very high quality.
07030 Brown single fold towels, 4000/cs, most popular of the singlefolds.
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