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Cleaning Solutions

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31010 All purpose ammoniated cleaner, foam type, each
31011 Misty green apc aerosol, each
31020 Ant and roach residual insecticide, each
31021 Anti-static fabric and rug treatment, reduces static electricity, each
31080 Dust mop spray treatment, attracts dust better, each
31195 Furniture polish with lemon oil, and cleaner, non wax type, each
31196 Sys furniture polish economy, each
31210 Foaming disinfectant cleaner, each
31219 Window cleaner, foaming type, non ammoniated, and non streaking, each
31222 Protects-all 15oz can, each
31225 Gum remover, freezes gum for removal with a putty knife, each
31255 Hornet and wasp killer, 15' stream, very effective, each
31260 Hospital disinfectant spray deodorant, each
31280 Dry Fog for insect killer, aerosole, each
31290 Ice melter, for doors, locks, windshields, each
314909 Heavy-duty foaming oven cleaner, caustic, each
31519 Moisture gaurd
31521 Video and computer screen display cleaner, reduces glare and dust, each
31525 Blo-off, (canned air), for removal of dust from keyboards, each
31619 Safety solvent, cleaner and lubricant for electrical motors, each
31624 Wax, clean, polish.aerosole, each
31625 Water-based stainless steel cleaner and polish, very effective, each
31626 Silicone release, non sticking properties make it ideal for snow shovels, each
31627 Gelled baseboard stripper, very powerful wax remover, each
31660 Tub and tile cleaner, heavy duty alkaline cleaner, each
31691 Vandal remover, powerful solvent base, each
31696 Clear traction spray
Rec04560 Lysol brand disinfectant aerosole, each
Rec74828 Lysol brand, crisp linen, each
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36020 25 lb Sta-Brite dish powder detergent
36021 50 lb Sta-Brite dish powder detergent
36907 APM system #4 Sparkle Dish detergent Concentrate, 2 liter bottle
36911 APM system #6 Sanitizer Concentrate, 2 liter bottle
36925 APM system #15 Silvershine Concentrate, 1 liter bottle
38050 Lemon Suds liquid dish detergent concentrate, one gallon
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36050 25 lb Lo-High Laundry Detergent Powder
36051 50 lb Lo-High Laundry Detergent Powder
36052 Heavy duty laundry packets 100/cs
36053 Liquid Lo-Hi Laundry Detergent, one gallon
36054 San-Soft liquid fabric softener, one gallon
36055 Liquid Lo-Hi laundry detergent, 5 gallon pail
36056 Britewite laundry packets
36057 Tek heavy duty laundry detergent, 5 gallon
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31660 Tub & Tile Cleaner aerosol type, high alkaline cleaner, foam type, each
36005 Scouring Powder, Comet w/bleach 21 ounce
36948 APM system #27 Bath & Bowl Cleaner Concentrate, one liter, each
37025 Tek Shower-Off ready to use phosphoric acid base cleaner, quart, each
37350 Tek Bowl Sept 56% active ingredient pleasant mint odor and powerful cleaner, quart, each
37360 Tek Bowl Sol perfumed, thick concentrated acid base tile and bowl cleaner, qt. each
37363 Non-acid bath disinfectant/qt
37364 Non-acid bowl cleaner/qt
39014 Tek top notch creme cleanser/qt
39110 Envirox grout safe gal, "Green" clean with hydrogen peroxide
59629 Automatic Bowl Flush, cleaner and deodorizer , use in toilet tank, blue dye.
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09113 Microfiber polish/window cloth - use with water only, up to 500 washes
31219 Aerosol foam type window cleaner, non streaking, each
36903 APM system Blue Eyes Window Cleaner Concentrate, two liter, each
38840 Tek window cleaner, ready to use, Best selling window cleaner can be used on chrome, too/gallon
59446 Easy Glider Window Cleaner Concentrate, one liter, just a few drops in a gallon of water, very effective on very dirty windows, imported, excellent product with nice fragrance, each
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31210 Foaming disinfectant cleaner, aerosol type, each
36913 APM system #7 Altima 256, Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, two liter, each
36931 APM system #17 Altima 64, Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, two liter, each
36940 APM system #21 Winter Mint Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, two liter, phenolic type, each
36942 APM system #22 Germs Away Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, two liter, each
37014 Pine disinfectant cleaner concentrate, gallon, each
37015 Heritage Mint Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, just four ounces per gallon water, gallon, each
37018 TB quat parvocide, gallon
39007 Odor eliminator disinfectant, qt. ready to use
39013 Odor eliminater disinfectant concentrate, one gallon
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36080 500# Exterge garage degreaser powder
36909 APM system #5 Mr. Degreaser Concentrate food grease remover, two liter, each
36918 APM system #10 Orange Degreaser Concentrate d’limoline base, two liter, each
36920 APM system #11 Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate, high alkaline, two liter, each
36945 APM system #26 Traction Quarry Tile Cleaner, one liter, each
37980 Tek Foam Degreaser Concentrate, very effective on food grease on any surface, gallon, each
39000 Ultra Solve Concentrate, powerful heavy duty grease remover, one gallon, each
39002 BlueThunder all purpose cleaner/degreaser 5 gl
39003 BlueThunder all purpose cleaner/degreaser 30 gl
39004 BlueThunder all purpose cleaner/degreaser 1 gl
39046 "Easy" oven grill cleaner, quart size very safe, but powerful ready to use oven cleaner
39048 Tek NCD (natural citrus degreaser) removes tar, grease, labels, clears drains, concentrate, gallon
39106 Envirox H2Orange concentrate gallon, "Green" clean w/hydrogen peroxide
39113 Envirox "Ultimate RTU qt, "Green" clean w/hydrogen peroxide
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31625 Stainless Steel Cleaner, foaming water base in an aerosol form, very effective, each
38850 Flitz 1.76 oz paste for polishing metal
38851 Flitz 5.29 oz paste for polishing metal
38852 Flitz 2lb. pastef
38853 Flitz 8.5 oz liquid metal polish
38854 Flitz Stainless steel spray polish
38855 Flitz wax protector 8.5oz
38856 Flitz microfiber 16x16
38856 Fliz 6" polish ball
39010 Brite Boy Metal Polish, solvent based liquid, one gallon
39011 Liberty Metal Polish, liquid, one quart size
DRK91224 Twinkle water based, no residue, no cfc's pleasant odor 12/17oz/cs aerosole
SSI-1 Sheila shine aerosole, 12/10oz/cs
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36005 Comet scouring powder, 21oz container, industrial stength, each
37349 Pumie stick, pumice scouring stick, each
39005 6% ammonia, industrial strength, one gallon
39047 "Ream" safe but very powerful orange crystals to remve blocked drains, 1lb
39050 "Gush" Hydrochloric acid based drain opener, quart size, very powerful, each
39052 Tek CD-21 liquid bacterial active waste digester, maintenance type drain cleaner,gallon
39053 Tek CD-21 5 gallon
59975 Heavy Duty Plunger, commercial type
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39127 Spray buddy for Envirox
39130 Blue Spray Bottle for Envirox product
39131 Red spray bottle for Envirox product
39133 Satelite bottle for Envirox product
50500 regular trigger spray head fits both 24 and 32 ounce bottle, adjustable spray pattern
50505 heavy duty trigger spray head, chemical resistant, longer lasting
50506 24 ounce graduated type trigger spray bottle
50509 32 ounce graduated type trigger spray bottle
50510 Drum spigot 2" opening
50512 Pro-blend precise solution dispenser fits on top of gallon plastic container
50553 five gallon container with pour spigot and flat bottom for pre-mixing chemicals to a shelf
50556 plastic drum pump fits 30 or 55 gallon drums
50559 one ounce pump dispenser that fits a gallon container
50561 one ounce pump dispenser that fits a five gallon container
50576 Solo 456 HD 2 gallon sprayer
50580 Solo spray wand assembly
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36901 APM system #1 Triumph All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, 2 liter
37014 Pine surface/floor disinfectant cleaner concentrate, gallon
37015 Heritage mint surface/floor disinfectant, cleaner concentrate, gallon
37116 Tek Orange Blossom All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, orange scented, one gallon
37117 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate All purpose Cleaner Concentrate, five gallon
37118 Neutral Cleaner Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, one gallon
37120 Tek Burly Blue Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, one gallon
37121 Tek Burly Blue Concentrate All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, five gallon
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37568 Cream buff pint
38639 Tek Floor Renovator Concentrate, keeps floor finishes in a more flexible condition, gallon
38640 Tek Spray Buff Concentrate, used with 175 rpm floor machine and red pad
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