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Sponges & Scrubbers

09116 11"x16"burst fiber blue aggressive scrubbing cloth, unique ability to scrub without chemicals.
57505 6 x 3.6 x .9 antimicrobial sponge
57512 6 x 3.6 x 1.5 large sponge
57515 3M eraser pad - "It's Magic" - 4 pack
57548 3M power pad, non-scratching, (stainless, chrome, etc.)
57549 3M power sponge/pad, non-scratching, (stainless, chrome, etc.)
57550 cellulose scrub sponge, white bonded, non-scratching surface and absorbent cellulose in one, each.
57555 same specifications as above but green more aggressive surface, will scratch over time.
57560 “brillo soap pad", large hotel size, packed 12 each per box.
57570 doodlebug pad holder, swivel tool threaded for a handle, Velcro holder, pads available separately.
57574 brown, aggressive doodlebug pad for use with tool, sold by each.
57575 blue, doodlebug pad, for use with tool, less aggressive, used in cleaning showers.
57576 white, doodlebug pad, for use with tool, non-scratch surface for polishing or light cleaning.
57588 6"x9" white, non-scratch, hand scrub pad, sold by each.
57589 6"x9" HD green scrub pad
57590 6"x9" heavy-duty grade hand scrub pad, sold by each.
57591 stainless steel scrub sponge, sold by each.
57595 Grill scour pad 4x6
Misc. nylo-grit course doodle bug brush threaded for a handle, for aggressive stripping hard reach areas.