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Miscellaneous Maintenance Supplies

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59906 Bowl Caddy, plastic carry holder, fits one quart of bowl cleaner, compartment to hold bowl swab.
82019 "Sir" model MJ 26 quart, blue, mop bucket with built-in dirt screen, casters, and ergonomic design.
82021 Accessory buckets that fit on the MJ mop bucket to hold cleaning products, blue, portable.
82022 stainless steel mop bucket protectors designed to protect the MJ bucket from excessive wear.
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20505 2lb kraft paper bags, 6M/bundle
20508 4lb kraft paper bags, 4M/bundle
20510 5lb kraft paper bags, 3M/bundle
20515 6lb kraft paper bags, 500/bundle
20516 8lb kraft paper bags, 2M/bundle
20518 12lb kraft paper bags,1M/bundle
20532 16lb kraft paper bags, 1M/bundle
20540 20lb kraft paper bags, 1M/bundle
20545 25lb kraft paper bags, 1M/bundle
20569 1/6 75lb kraft bags, 400/bundle
20570 Bedside paper bag 2M/cs
20571 Bedside plastic bag 2M/cs
20580 8.8x4.5x11, white shopping bag with handle, 250/bundle
20581 13x6x15.75, white shopping bag with handle, 250/bundle
20582 9x5.75x13.30, white shopping bag with handle, 250/bundle
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21000 20"x1000' plastic shrink wrap
21001 15" plastic shrink wrap, 4/rolls/1500'/cs
26043 18"x50# Kraft roll
26045 24"x50 lb Kraft Roll Paper
26047 36"x50 lb Kraft Roll Paper
26054 48"x50 lb Kraft Roll Paper
28262 2"x110 yard clear sealing tape, 36 rolls/case
28300 non/asphaltic brown sealing tape, 3"x450'/12 rolls/cs
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59937 Deluxe plastic scoop
59935 Pour scoop funnel
59944 Cool Blue Ice Melt Blend, 50# bag
59946 Peladow Calcium Chloride Ice Melt, 50# bag
59947 Rock Salt, 50# bag
59954 50# Push Broadcast Spreader
59955 80# Commercial Push Broadcast Spreader
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